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what we do //

Whatify provides state-of-the-art, automatic photo analytics to Etsy (and Shopify!) sellers. Whatify is scientifically proven to increase sales by an average of 10%, and all it takes is a few minutes of set up!

Research shows that a product’s photo quality is the biggest driver of its sales, even more than its tags, price, or customer reviews. We’ve tested thousands of photos, and we’ve learned that it’s incredibly hard to predict which photos will perform the best. While of course there are best practices for product photography, there are no hard and fast rules for determining which photo will drive the most sales. The only way to reliably pick the best photo is to run a test. And that’s where we come in.

We have developed an empirical way to determine which photo will drive more traffic and sales to your shop. We’ve designed our analytical process to deliver reliable results. And the best part? It’s automatic. You know your business; we know data. We want to let you do your thing while we do ours, and we’re confident that our tools and expertise will help your business succeed.

New features coming soon!

Whatify will soon be available to Shopify sellers! Sign up for our waiting list and once we launch on Shopify you can try it free, plus receive a discount of 50% if you choose to subscribe!

how it works //

A/B testing is a systematic method for trying different options to see what performs best. Essentially, we take your first two photos — photo A and photo B — and switch them back and forth for a set period of time. It sounds simple, but our tool accounts for all of the fluctuating variables that could affect the test, making our results highly reliable. Read more about A/B testing and our process.

our team //

We are a professor, an MBA and a designer. We are firm believers in making data-backed decisions—which is the status quo amongst big companies like Google, Amazon, and Netflix. Our goal is to make high-end analytical tools available to small businesses in a way that is both affordable and easy to use. That’s why we have chosen to work with platforms such as Etsy and Shopify: these are places that helps micro-businesses and individual sellers succeed, and where we feel we can make the largest impact.

Profile of team member Founding partner Jason Alabuk

Jason Abaluck

Founding Partner

Jason is an economist who wants to help everyone — from doctors to Etsy sellers — make better decisions using science rather than guesswork. Jason is Associate Professor of Economics at the Yale School of Management and has an extensive background in statistics and econometric analysis, including administration of large-scale randomized experiments. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT and an A.B. from Harvard University. In his spare time, he enjoys… just kidding! Jason has no spare time — as you are reading this, he is hunched over his computer in his pajamas eating something called a “meal square,” flipping through pages of algebra to try and increase your sales by a few more percentage points. Keep him in your thoughts!

Profile of team member CEO Jake Phillips

Jake Phillips


Jake is a passionate problem solver who is driven to use data and technology for good. He has worked with the New York City Department of Education to improve public high schools and founded a nonprofit to educate incarcerated individuals at Rikers Island. Jake holds an M.B.A. from Yale University and a B.A. in Economics from Brown University. But if we’re keeping it 100, Jake’s managerial prowess was not earned at some fancy-pants school (sorry, Jason) but in the dusty dugouts of McCarren Park, Brooklyn. On these treacherous grounds, Jake led the Righteous Cowboy Lightning — a crew of dubious misfits — to the 2014 Intramural Summer Softball championship.

Profile of team member Creative Director Megan Gileza

Megan Gileza

Creative Director

Megan is a designer and a writer who is passionate about creating user experiences with positive impacts. Recently, she’s been working with local businesses and nonprofits to help develop on-target brands. She has a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech and a Post-Bacc Certificate in Graphic Design from MICA. She loves fresh produce, hiking with her pitbull Daario, and drinking copious amounts of coffee almost as much as she loves sexy typography.

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