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Automated photo testing for Etsy sellers, proven to increase traffic by 10%.

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Product #1
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Whatify uses state-of-the-art analytics to determine which of your existing product photos will bring the most sales. It’s automatic and easy. Learn more
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How it works

1 Start Testing
Authorize Whatify to safely access your shop, then choose which listings to test.
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2 We Gather Data
Every four hours for four weeks, we choose your primary photo from the first two photos on each listing.
3 Implement or Restore
We crunch the numbers and tell you how much traffic each photo generates. You can implement all, some, or none of our recommendations.
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User Testimonials
Hi, I'm Jake, the CEO of Whatify.
I believe that data is best used when it's used for good.

As a mission-driven entrepreneur, I have worked to reduce dropout rates for NYC public schools and to lessen recidivism for individuals incarcerated at Rikers Island.

Now, I am so excited to be a part of Whatify because I'm passionate about supporting innovative small business owners like yourself. On the right, you will be asked to authorize your shop to share some information with the Whatify team. I give you my personal guarantee that we are using this data only to deliver the best analysis we can to you and nothing more — we'll never sell it or share it.

If you have any questions or lingering concerns, you can reach me directly at jake@whatify.com.

Thank you,
Jake Phillips, CEO of Whatify

Create a Whatify account (it's free).
After clicking authorize, you will be taken to the Etsy site and asked to allow access to your shop. Questions or Concerns? Please see our Q&A below, or contact our CEO directly at jake@whatify.com.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you figure out which of my photos will bring the most sales?
We use a statistical technique called a randomized experiment or “A/B test.” This is the same technique used by businesses like Google, Amazon, and Netflix (among many others), researchers around the world, and regulatory agencies like the FDA to figure out scientifically what works. Consultants charge tens of thousands of dollars to run and analyze randomized experiments for large businesses. Whatify aims to make these professional techniques available to everyone. Learn more.
Why do I have to allow Whatify to access my shop?
To run our tests, we need to periodically rotate which product photo is in the primary spot. Whatify accesses your listing titles and photos only. No private information is accessible to us. The service is safe and secure. Please email our CEO directly at jake@whatify.com if you have any concerns.
How much of my time will this require?
No time at all! We take care of everything. The testing is automated and lasts four weeks.
How exactly does it work?
Every hour, we randomly assign your listing to display one of two photos as primary. We use the first two photos you already have in the listing. Then we collect traffic data to see how many views your listings get every hour. We crunch the numbers and tell you how much we can increase your traffic. See our demo above.
Will all my photos go back to the way they were when you stop the test?
Yes. We will give you the option of implementing our recommendations or putting all your photos back exactly as they were. If you stop the test before we send results, all of your photos will immediately return to their original positions.
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