How it works

a/b testing Etsy images.

Whatify process explained

Every hour, we:

  1. Switch up your primary photo.
  2. Measure the traffic that you get.

We use this data to tell you which image leads to the most traffic! FAQ's below. We're accepting beta users right now - sign up on our home page or email

How much of my time will this require?

NONE OF IT. We take care of everything. The testing is automated.

How does it work exactly?

Every hour, we randomly assign your listing to display one of two images as the primary image. We use the first two images you already have in the listing. Then we collect traffic data to see how many views your listings get every hour. We use that data to figure out which image draws more traffic. This is also known as a/b testing - used widely across the web and quantitative research everywhere :)

How much does it cost?

Test as many listings as you’d like at the same time. At the end of 4 weeks, we’ll send you the results for the first 5 listings for free. Unlock results for the rest for $10

Which of my listings are you testing?

We want to optimize as much as possible for you, so unless you tell us not to, we'll test images for all of your listings.

How do you pick the images to test?

We just test the first and second image that you already have for each listing, to see which one makes more people click on it.

Will the testing impact my traffic?

Well, one of your images is the best for traffic - but you don't know which one yet. So, half the time during testing, you're using the image that leads to the most traffic. Once we give you the results, you'll know which image that is! and you can confidently make it your primary image permanently.

Can I change my images during the test?

No. If you do, it will mess up the data that we're collecting, and also, any changes you make will be erased when we stop your test.

What do I get out of this?

The permanent increase in traffic that comes from using the best primary image for each of your listings.

How long will it take?

Four weeks.

Will all my images go back to the way they were when you stop the test?

Yes. You can then change the ones you want, based on our results.

Why can't you guarantee answers?

We don't know what the data from your shop will look like. Maybe you don't get much traffic, or there's just something weird that's off with the data. We can't predict this.

What if I want the test to stop?

Just write to me - - and I'll immediately restore ALL your images to the way they were the moment we started the test.

Will you be able to tell me why one image worked better than another?

Unfortunately, not at this time :/ but hopefully we will be able to in the future.

Who are you?

A couple of nerds bringing the power of randomized experiments to small business owners like you. Some blurbs on us here.

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Stay tuned